Airport Security and the TSA

Last Updated: Jan 31, 2019 11:26AM EST
All of our Voltaic products are TSA approved. While there are limits on what can be in your carry on or checked luggage, thousands of Voltaic customers have brought their solar chargers through TSA checkpoints without a problem. 

For domestic flights in the USA, all Voltaic batteries need to be packed in your carry on bag, while all other Voltaic products (including bags, solar panels, solar folders, solar lights, and accessories) can be in either your carry on or your checked luggage.

Can I check my Voltaic battery?
No. Voltaic's lithium polymer batteries are defined as "spare" batteries, since they are used to recharge your other electronic devices. Therefore, TSA mandates they must be in your carry on luggage. 

Is there a limit to how many batteries I can carry on?
There is no limit to the number of spare battery packs each passenger can carry on a plane if the battery is less than 100 Watt-hours. Currently, all of our Voltaic batteries are each less than 100Wh, so multiple powerbanks can be carried on a plane per passenger. 

Do I have to remove my battery from my carry on bag when I go through security (just like my laptop)?
No, that is not necessary, Your spare batteries can remain packed in your bag.

What can I check?
Your personal electronic devices (phone, tablet, camera, laptop, etc.) can all be checked in your luggage. Additionally, all of Voltaic's non-battery products can be checked without a problem. This includes our bags, solar panels, solar folders, solar lights, and accessories. 

Are regulations on international flights different than domestic USA flights?
Yes, each country has their own flight regulations, and some are more strict that the USA's policy. As a general rule of thumb when traveling internationally, pack only 2 spare batteries in your carry on bag per passenger, and do not pack any spare battery packs in your checked luggage.

Some international security checkpoints will confiscate or ask you to mail any additional batteries over the limit of 2 batteries per passenger. For more information, please consult the regulations of the country you are traveling to or from. 

Where can I read more about TSA battery regulations? 
For more information on traveling with batteries, please read our Lithium Battery Policy By Airline Guide or visit the TSA's Guide: Safe Travel with Batteries
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